Website Popularity

Obtaining a lot of visitors to your website is sometimes difficult, especially if you do not use any SEO tactics. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is a method of attracting more visitors to a particular website. When anyone online makes a search for a specific item, the search engines will display a list of all the sites where that search item was found but the problem with this is that they will have a list containing hundreds of different site names and it will only be the first few sites on that list that the searcher will look at.

SEO therefore ensures that when a search is made, the website with the SEO applied is always at the top of that list of results and so has a very good chance of being seen. Another SEO tactic is to link your website to other websites. This is called back linking and provides a link to your site on another site and the more popular the site with the link, the more visitors you can hope to get on your site. A big help in getting visitors to your site can be its name, known as a domain name as if it is relevant and memorable it may attract return visitors more easily.

Although it is of course vitally important to get visitors to your site a first time, as over half the business carried out on websites is done by return visitors to the website, returning visitors are also very important. If your domain name provider is someone like Godaddy, their experience may be crucial in helping you find a practical and beneficial domain name, one which is both relevant and catchy, making it very easy to remember.

Godaddy will also be able to act as a host for your website and although both their domain names and hosting services are already relevantly cheap, further savings can be made by finding a promo code for the domain name and a Godaddy hosting promo code both of which are available online. Although the creation of your website may not cost you anything if you use web development software, it will still need to be professional looking and interesting for visitors if it is to be profitable to your business.

The home page is the page that all visitors will be first directed to and so that is the page that needs the most attention as it will give visitors the first impression of your level of professionalism. Although being impressive, it must also direct people to the information you want them to see and so a site map is essential and of course a contact page so they can contact you if necessary. All of these things are able to be created with the website development software. Your site should be able to hold people’s attention, perhaps with interesting articles but those articles will need to be updated on a regular basis if the site is to remain interesting and therefore appeal to return visitors.

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